Can Grannys still have sex?

There is a popular misconception that grannys cannot actually have sex or find it difficult to get aroused as they are obviously passed their prime sex age. Well, while this might not be totally false, studies have shown that older women can actually have and enjoy sex.

However, further investigations reveal that women of 80 years and above tend to find arousal easier than younger ladies. While women between the ages of 50 to 79 feel “obliged” to have sex with their partners, grannys above the age of 80 have been reported to be more willing to share their sexual desire and be intimate and some actively go out to find a fuck buddy online or offline.

Unfortunately, same cannot be said about men above 80 years as they are less likely to enjoy sex, with reports showing that men of this age group feel obligated to have sex with their partner, more than men aged 50 to 59 and 70 to 79.

If reports are anything to accept, it has been revealed that women of 80 years and above find arousal easier compared to younger ladies. With over 7000 women considered, it was revealed that the difficulty in getting sexually aroused increases steadily in women between 50 and 79, and it decreases once the woman hits 80.

Studies have also revealed that kissing can help seniors to be healthier, and this is applicable to both genders from the age of 50 to 90, with a positive relationship identified between the frequency of kissing, fondling and petting and overall wellbeing.

A report published by the International Longevity Centre, University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University tried to examine difficulties with sexual activities and function, attitudes towards sex and details about the current sexual partners of people above 50.
The Chief Executive, ILC-UK, Baroness Sally Greengross OBE said, “We know that many men and women remain sexually active throughout their lives, and that intimate relationships in later life can continue to have a positive impact of overall health and wellbeing.

Syd Prior, 96. Syd retired from his meet and greet role at B&Q’s New Malden branch in South-West London days before his 97th birthday in 2011.
Women are more than willing to be intimate after the age of 80
“Unfortunately, in 2017 there is still a need to dispel myths around relationships in later life.”

Dr David Lee, Research Fellow, University of Manchester said: “We know that positive sexuality and intimacy throughout the lifecourse is linked to higher levels of happiness and well-being – irrespective of age. 
“Older people have a right to good sexual health care and should be able to easily access joined up services to help them meet that goal.
“By normalising conversations around sex and older people, health professionals can help to counter stereotypes and misconceptions around sex in later life, which will ultimately improve public health.”
Men of over 80 have been discovered to be less keen to have sex.

Sex remains one of the best therapies. Therefore,
it is not surprising that even grannys enjoy it even at their age.

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